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The Complete Set of 5 Original SUN 45's With SUN Sleeves!!

In Pristine, Mint, UN-played Condition(& NO, they're NOT 'Boots')!!!!

Purchased on January 29-31, 1956, immediately following Elvis' first TV Performance on the Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Show (1/28/56), from 'Strand Record Store' (aka. "John's") of Westfield, Massachusetts, this set has remained in our family, virtually UN-touched, for 3 generations.

All Come In Original Mint SUN Sleeves!!

Sun 209
—July 19, 1954: That's All Right / Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Sun 210
—September 25, 1954: Good Rockin' Tonight / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine

Sun 215
—December 28, 1954: Milkcow Blues Boogie / You're A Heartbreaker

Sun 217
—April 10, 1955: Baby Let's Play House / I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone

Sun 223
—August 6, 1955: Mystery Train / I Forgot To Remember To Forget
As quoted in "Sun Records: The Brief History Of The Legendary Record Label" by C. Escott & M. Hawkins (1975), as well as other undisputed expert sources, notably the late-great JOAN DEARY of RCA, who personally, visually verified them years(1972)before SUN 'boots' were ever pressed! These are 'un-punched' ("12-4-8"), and were pressed & issued between Elvis' signing to RCA (11/25/55) and the date his contract with RCA took effect (1/1/56). In order to press & sell them before Elvis' contract with RCA began and Sun's distribution rights ended, these pressings were done hurriedly, randomly, in pressing plants that in many cases Sun did not normally use. Therefore, most pressings in this time period were 'un-punched', however, legitimate & original!

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Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame' Grand Opening

ONLY 100 PRESSED!! Cat. # DPC-12260

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ONLY $194.00!!

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Cat.#'s Realistic 51-3024 / RCA Special Products DPK1-0679
Radio Shack Exclusive RARE!

"SAVAGE YOUNG ELVIS"! The Title Says It ALL!! Mega-Rare USA Only CASSETTE! 1984 Radio Shack/Tandy Corp. Exclusive On Their Own Label, REALISTIC! Although 'RCA Special Products' was Credited, it was Never Authorized For Release & Pulled From The Retailers Shelves! Radio Shack even blackened-out the back-cover credits on many copies in order to try & continue selling them!  Near Impossible To Find, Especially With Unique Inlay Unmarked Backing & Still SEALED!! NM/M
Update! March 2017 Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy, closing most of their stores with the remainder to be closed by years end... making this even More collectible!!


Side A
Blue Suede Shoes
All Shook Up
Little Sister
Mystery Train
Milkcow Blues Boogie

Side B
Hard Headed Woman
Rip It Up
Blue Moon
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
My Baby Left Me

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ONLY $94.00!



'ERR' presents to You, a KING Collectible Fit Only For The GREATEST Of Collectors! A true collectible in every possible sense of collecting!

'The Greatest', Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) Autographed Signature, on the Cover of ELVIS "50th Anniversary" U.K. Edition Magazine With "Viva Las Vegas" Cover!
Talk About R-A-R-E!! With thousands of Ali signatures in circulation, how many ALI Autographs adorn a ELVIS Cover mag, published in the U.K.!!?? WOW!

Obtained on TWA return flight from Memphis, TN. to NYC, August 17, 1985, the day after Elvis' 50th Anniversary tribute in Memphis, TN., where Mr. Ali & 1 of aids attended. Mr. Ali was quoted many times, exclaiming "Elvis Is The Greatest & I'm his #1 Fan!" "Elvis was the Me of Entertainment!" "I don't admire nobody except for Elvis Presley!" "I may be Pretty, but I'm No Elvis Presley, or Tom Jones!" It was mutual, as Elvis had one of his trademark capes designed for Mr. Ali & inscribed it, "People's Choice". Please see rare pic of Elvis personally fitting it onto Mr. Ali! Mr. Ali was invited & attended Elvis' 50th Anniversary at Graceland, when these signatures were obtained. Please note, in 1985, Mr. Ali was already fighting Parkinson's & was not speaking in public. The owner of this rarity("David"), accompanied by Elvis' #1 Fan, Dave's Mom, sat directly behind Mr. Ali & his aid. During the flight, Dave asked if Mr. Ali if he would please sign the Elvis mag. Mr. Ali nodded in agreement. Dave, initially requested that the mag be signed to "Rory", his middle & commonly used name.  Mr. Ali misheard him & signed it "Rodney".  When Dave saw this, he tried correcting Mr. Ali, but Mr. Ali didn't seem to be familiar with the name.  Dave's Mom, the voice of reason, suggested Mr. Ali just sign it "David"(his proper 1st name, although he prefers "Dave".). Mr. Ali smiled in agreement, thus crossing out "Rodney" & signing it "David". Mr. Ali added a poem which reads... "Love Is The Net Where Hearts Are Caught Like Fish". Then added a symbol & smiley face emoji's! Of note, Mr. Ali whispered into his Aid's ear & the Aid told Dave, that Mr. Ali said Elvis was his idol too & that Dave had a beautiful & smart Mom. Please see personal picture of Dave's Mom, at The King's grave, standing far R next to Graceland curator, Mr. Jack Soden & The Greatest - Mr. Muhammad Ali! Dave shook Mr. Ali's hand & thanked him & in return Mr. Ali nodded, smiled & exchanged a couple of mock jabs with Dave. Dave, a die-hard Elvis fan, but not particularly a Ali fan, as he considers Joe Lewis 'The Greatest', considered it the highlight of  his trip, including meeting 'Cilla, C. Hodge, G. Klein, DJ Fontana, J. Esposito, R. & S. West & numerous others, as well as Vester Presley, the Graceland gatekeeper, who opened the Graceland musical gates & permitted Dave to drive his Mom, in a rented Red Lincoln, to the front door of Graceland... Elvis Style!

'ERR' Guarantees the Authenticity of this Signature, or Double Your Money Back upon Safe & Unaltered Return of the item(less restocking & relisting fees).

ONLY $844.00!


For You Mom, "LadyBug" Alyce