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NO one knows, as it has Never been publicly released, what political party The King belonged to. 42 years after his passing it's still a mystery.
Documented Arguments have been made for Both sides...
50's: Elvis on the record supported Stevenson (opposed to Ike).
60's: Elvis' admiration & support for JFK & RFK (JFK assassination, Elvis cried)
60's: Elvis' CA. home containing LBJ keepsakes (that John Lennon took issue with Elvis over!)
60's/70's: Nixon's 'thank you' letter to Elvis / Elvis visits Tricky Dick at the White House & gifts him.
70's: Elvis Meets George Wallace, Bush II & Carter.
70's: Elvis regularly calls Carter to the Presidents personal White House Hot line. (Carter was quoted as saying "a lil' too regularly.")
Most recently(2018): Priscilla & Lisa Marie Decline to go to White House to accept 'Medal Of Freedom' from Trump. (EPE Executor Jack Soden filled in.)

ERR is NOT suggesting which political party Elvis may of belonged to, BUT...
ANY one who Invented Rock-A-Billy/Rock n Roll, dressed in Pink & Black, Gold Lame, Black Leather, Caped Jeweled Jumpsuits & air-fucked TV cameras...
CAN'T Be Conservative!

Lincoln Bedroom In 15 min. ~ Hicks Luvs Dicks Best BJ Ever! ~ Shit, The Bitch Gave Me Covid!
trumpers NOT Welcome at ERR!!!

    REAL MEN WEAR MASKS!...                        (You're) The DEVIL In Disguise Does NOT!...

When GOD made Dems, they came from His heart. When he made Reps, He was having a bad day & had diarrhea. Now we're knee deep in shit.

VOTE him OUT!!!

YOU'RE FIRED!!!   From FAKE Presidency & Mass Murderer To Penitentiary...

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